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  • Burnaby School District

    Stunning Canada is one of the most popular international destinations for students looking for a high-school programme.  If you have been dreaming about studying in this beautiful country check out […]

  • Calgary Catholic School District #1

    Do you want to study abroad in western Canada? Introducing the Calgary Catholic School District #1 (CCSD), founded in 1885 and situated in the beautiful province of Alberta. With 115 schools to […]

  • New Westminster School District 40

    The City of New Westminster sits in the middle of the larger communities like Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey and Richmond. The city is fairly small (70,000+ population) and has retained a strong sense of […]

  • NISEP (Newfoundland International Student Education Program)

    Located in the most easterly province in Canada (Newfoundland Island and mainland Labrador), the Newfoundland International Student Education Program (NISEP) can help you to have a unique life […]

  • Study Manitoba School Divisions

    The government in Manitoba have declared 2019 as the ‘Year of International Education’, which will see more and more international students visit the province. The region is well known as a quiet […]

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New Westminster School District

Practice your English language skills and build connections with Canadian culture and Canadian people

Service Providers

  • Cambridge Assessment English

    As part of the University of Cambridge, with over 5.5 million qualifications taken every year in 130 countries, Cambridge Assessment English is without a doubt the most established and renowned […]

  • eFlex Training

    eFlex Training is a high quality, customisable e-learning solution for language schools around the world. Interactive, easy to use and available across all devices, eFlex was founded in 2012 by two […]

  • CAPS-I

    The Canadian Association of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I) is a non-profit association representing a membership of 128 publicly-funded School Boards. All members offer programs for […]

  • Flywire

    International payments made easy. Today’s global consumers have the opportunity to live, study, travel and explore around the world. In order to fully experience the global life, we need to be able […]

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  • University life hacks when you study at Ontario Tech

    Canada is constantly ranked as one of the top countries to live and study in. It’s internationally renowned for its friendly people, cosmopolitan cities and stunning nature. Canada has everything […]

  • Discover the International Peace Garden in Manitoba

    Have you heard about the International Peace Garden located on the Canadian/American border? The International Peace Garden is a 9.5 km2 park located adjacent to the International Peace […]

  • Field Schools with Coast Mountain College

    Do you want to study, work and play in one of the most stunning places on earth? Coast Mountain College (CMTN) is a perfect choice! Choose from 3 spectacular locations (Terrace, Smithers and Prince […]

  • Robotics in Canada with Burnaby School District

    Canada is one of the most popular international destinations for students who want to study abroad. This stunning country has so much to offer. The Burnaby School District based in British Columbia, […]

  • 10 facts about Canada that might surprise you

    As one of the favourite destinations for those who want to learn English abroad, Canada is a country of great diversity with an excellent quality of life. It also has a reputation for being one of […]

  • Learn more about CES’s family language programme

    Do you think that studying abroad in another country is just for young people and teenagers? Well, in reality, there are options for all ages to study English while visiting another country and even […]

  • Join a high school programme with Palliser

    Studying a high school programme with Palliser Regional Schools really is a fantastic option for international students. The quality of the academic programmes available and the experience of living […]

  • Say YES to the high school programme in Calgary

    If you are thinking about studying in Canada, All Saints High School in Calgary is a great option for your high school programme, especially as this city is ranked 4th in the list of top cities in […]